Faithful Servants Transitional Housing

A Place for Turn-Arounds

The house at 710 South Pacific in Kelso, Washington is not unfamiliar to the police who knew it as a hot spot for trouble. In a poetic turn-around, the house itself has been given a new life. Recently renovated and re-purposed, this former drug house now provides safe shelter for up to ten adults who need to get off the streets.

The three-story, seven-bedroom house is large enough to qualify for ten residents under city codes.

"This is the first roof over my head since I was thirteen," says Amber Jensen, Faithful Servants resident.

A Change of Plans

House owner, Cordell Stone (left) with Glen Sensenbach, director.
Cordell Stone bought the house in 2010 with the intention of fixing it up and renting it out. Most landlords would run from tenants with prior drug and criminal convictions, but when Glen Sensenbach approached him with his idea for Faithful Servants, Stone knew it was God's will.

"It just sounded like a good plan. ... I just had a good feeling that this might help somebody," Stone said. He rents the house for only $1,000 a month with the stipulations that the residents keep the yard maintained and avoid trouble with the neighbors.